Ecuadorian Lawyer and Jurist

Diana Salazar Méndez

Graduate in Political and Social Sciences from the Central University of Ecuador; doctor in Jurisprudence, Political and Social Sciences, and lawyer of the Courts of the Republic.

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Diana Salazar, Attorney General of Ecuador, prosecuted some of the most high-profile corruption cases, improved the anti-corruption atmosphere in Ecuador, and served as a hero to judges, lawyers, and prosecutors throughout South America. Salazar's brave actions in these cases have contributed to transparency and the rule of law in Ecuador.
State Department, United States.

Diana Salazar Méndez

Diana Salazar is an Afro-Ecuadorian woman born in Ibarra, in June 1981. She has a degree in Political and Social Sciences from the Central University of Ecuador; doctor in Jurisprudence, Political and Social Sciences, and lawyer of the Courts of the Republic; and a master’s degree in Procedural Law with a mention in Criminal Law, from the Indo-America Technological University.


She has specializations in Human Rights, with a mention in Mechanisms for the Protection of Afro-descendant Peoples, from the Simón Bolívar Andean University, Ecuador headquarters; and, Economic Criminal Law and Organized Crime, from the Castilla La Mancha University, Spain.


News and Press Coverage

Interviews, press releases and conferences held by Diana Salazar in different media with a deeper undersatanding of her work and research cases.

Metastasis Case

The attorney general of Ecuador explains in an interview with Fernando del Rincón that the former vice president of Ecuador, Jorge Glas, will not be arrested if he leaves the Mexican embassy, ​​but rather called to appear in the “Manabí reconstruction” case.

The State Attorney General, Diana Salazar, updates the details of the chats uploaded to the Prosecutor’s Office website. These chats are public knowledge for citizens.

This was warned by the Attorney, in an exclusive dialogue with “Punto de Orden”. Salazar recognized that evil has entrenched itself in the National Court, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police and the SNAI.

The state attorney general, Diana Salazar, assures that former vice president Jorge Glas must resolve his judicial situation “in the courts, not in the embassies.”

Metastasis Case: The Prosecutor’s Office and the Police of Ecuador carry out an operation as part of an investigation into organized crime, in the context of events related to corruption and drug trafficking.

Latest News

The State Attorney General, Diana Salazar, participated in the launch event of “The Pact 2.0: Promoting the EU – LAC Alliance in Justice and Security” that took place in Panama, which was attended by representatives of regional organizations.

During the “II International Consensus Conference on Penitentiary and Comprehensive Security in Ecuador”, Diana Salazar emphasized the technical approach of the Prosecutor’s Office, away from politics. “Do not let yourselves be distracted by false candidates,” she urged.

The Prosecutor’s Office operation led to the arrest of officials from the Court of Guayas and the Provincial Directorate of the Judiciary, as well as a former legislator from the Social Christian Party (PSC), who are accused of alleged organized crime.

Within the framework of the agenda carried out by the State Attorney General in Italy, she met with the anti-mafia prosecutors of several regions of the host country. In addition, the Ecuadorian prosecutor was received by the representative of the National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office of Italy, Giovanni Melillo.

Diana Salazar analyzes how a political agenda persists against her to remove her from office and prevent her investigation agenda from remaining unfinished. Almost five years after taking the reins of the prosecution, Who’s Afraid of Diana Salazar? Salazar?.

The State Attorney General, Dr. Diana Salazar Méndez, spoke with Carlos Vera to detail some points of the progress in the Metastasis Case, the fight against impunity and how they are trying once again to get their hands on justice.

The State Attorney General presented the 2023 work report on the management of the institution before the National Assembly of Ecuador. The Metastasis case forms a central part of this year’s report, among others.

The US delegation led by Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas Christopher Doddy and Southern Command General Laura Richardson met with State Attorney General Diana Salazar and senior judicial officials to explore ways to accelerate US cooperation and Ecuador.

In an interview with CNN, the attorney general of Ecuador says that to reach the masterminds of crimes such as those of former presidential candidate Villavicencio and prosecutor Suárez “a lot will go through control inside the penitentiary centers, because it is known that “The orders for the murders come from the prisons.”

The attorney general of Ecuador, Diana Salazar, has earned the nickname “iron lady,” as she has been relentless in her fight against corruption in the country.